PAD Risk Assessment

Welcome to The SAVE Clinic's Peripheral Arterial Disease Risk Assessment

The following questions will assess your risk for PAD by asking about common risk factors, symptoms, and physical findings. Your total score will help you determine if you would like to seek a medical consultation.

Are you over the age of 50?
Do you smoke or have you ever smoked?
Do you have high blood pressure or are you on blood pressure medication?
Do you have high cholesterol or are you on medication to lower your cholesterol?
Have you ever been told you have diabetes? Even borderline diabetes?
Have you ever been told that you have had a heart attack or stroke?
Have you ever had an angioplasty or stent placed in the heart or leg?
Have you noticed your walking pace has slowed?
Do your legs ever feel tired causing you to stop and rest?
When you walk, do you ever have to stop because you have pain or cramping in your calves or thighs?
Do you ever experience cramping, tightness, “Charlie horse” or pain in the legs or feet when lying down that improves when you stand up?
Have you ever had any chronic infections of your ankles, feet, or toes?
Have you ever had any ulcers, or slow healing sores/wounds on your ankles, feet, or toes?
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